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About me

with Richard David Precht at Capitol Mannheim, 2019
Photo: Adrian Hudalla for Kreativregion


Entrepreneurship in the creative economy, innovation and sustainability in urban and regional development

As a consultant, coach and knowledge facilitator, I put my expertise, skills and experience as a founder, entrepreneur, project developer and from leading positions in public administration at the service of government institutions, universities, associations as well as intermediary and private initiatives that want to promote entrepreneurship in the creative economy as an economic, social, ecological and cultural driving force of sustainable urban and regional development.


We are facing major social, ecological, economic and cultural challenges.

Our peaceful coexistence in an open, prosperous world can only continue if we share our democratic and sustainable values ​​and live and act accordingly. Unlimited growth can no longer be our striving if we want to enable ourselves and future generations to have a future worth living in. In my opinion, in order for our awareness of the major global crises of our time to be sharpened and promptly translated into positive action, it needs less prohibitions than rather more user-centered offers. I am firmly convinced that many problems can be solved with creativity and innovation. Because it is also the many small changes that can quickly move our world in the right direction. I would therefore like to make my contribution to raising the enormous potential of cultural and creative economic value creation for the design of transformation processes and to support them in their development.


  • Commitment, success orientation and agility as an entrepreneur
  • Efficiency, teamwork and reliability as a service provider
  • Analytical skills, creativity and persuasiveness as a consultant
  • Attention, empathy and intuition as a coach
  • Willingness to cooperate, flexibility and personal responsibility as a project partner
  • Experience, know-how and didactic skills as a knowledge faciltator
  • Entertainment, humor and eloquence as a moderator

with Charles Landry at the Urban Thinkers Campus Mannheim, 2016
Photo: Andreas Henn for the City of Mannheim


The Cultural and Creative Industries as Drivers of Sustainable (Urban) Development
Culture and Sustainability – Fields of action and practical examples, 2023 (german / english)

The Mannheim Approach to Urban Development driven by Cultural and Creative Industries
CREATIVE URBAN DEVELOPMENT – formats, places, strategies, 2020 (german only)

Committee for the application of Heidelberg as a UNESCO City of Literature, 2013 (english)

Creative Business Center in the former Fire Station | Development Concept
City of Heidelberg | Commissioner for cultural and creative industries, 2013 (german only)